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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Anybody wanna sleep in a cupboard?

Alright the next most obvious time you're going to make somewhere look more spacious than it probably is is a room.

It doesn't matter whether it's a room in your house or one that you stay in on vacation. Nobody wants their room to look smaller than it actually is. And if it's room photography for a client they'll probably string you up on the ceiling fan!

Even if you could shoot a room with a telephoto lens from outside the door you would be ill advised to do so. Go for a pretty wide-angle, without going so wide you get a lot of distortion. To make sre that walls and rooves etc stay as straight as possible you want to make sure that the camera is held straight. As soon as you point the lens up or down you get what we call convering verticals - which is where straight lines seem to be either falling forward or backward. If you're not quite sure what that means I'll show you some pics over the next few days that illustrate it.

Again notice that I've got something in the foreground to give you that sense of 3D. A foreground (the flowers), a middle ground ( the small table) and a background (the rainforest beyond the balcony). Remember that things away from the camera look smaller and farther away than they actually are so your room appears nice and spacious. In this case the lens wasn't an extreme wide-angle so it's not really exaggerated at all but I'm sure we've all stayed in rooms which look a lot bigger in the brochure!

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