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Friday, August 29, 2008

Some more blogs for the weekend...

I have to admit to being slightly photography obsessed. OK, not slightly, extremely. I really do love everything photography and I'm guessing many of you are the same.

And the photography blogs I love are the ones that not only teach me something but show me new places to find things out.

So in the spirit of giving I wanted to share with you some blogs and web pages that I love and invite you to visit them and, I hope, enjoy them as much as I do.

I'll start off by following my Blog List on the right hand side of this page. From the top, as they say in Bollywood:

What The Duck is a really funny comic book all about photography, in particular the business of photography. It has some hilarious insights into the crazy things we do in this job and is a great read.

Next we have Photo Attorney which is a great blog about your legal rights as a photographer. What you are and aren't allowed to photograph. It's US based so not everything may be relevant to your part of the world but it's very interesting.

Burns Auto Parts is not a blog about car maintenance but marketing and self-promotion by the wonderful photo consultant and author Leslie Burns-Dell'Acqua. She's about to start a law degree so the blog posts may get a bit thin but they're always very insightful.

Welcome all Bloggers is the strangely named blog of amazing wildlife photographer Andy Rouse. Andy is my all-time favourite nature photographer, seems to be a pretty funny guy and is always very entertaining. This is a must for those of you who love animals.

Rob Galbraith has all the latest updates on what's happening in terms of new equipment and gear. He also has a great compact flash card database on his site which lets you see which CF card will be the fastest in your camera. A definite must-read before you buy a new card.

PDNPulse is all about what's happening in the big wide world of photography. It has a lot of posts on who's doing what at US magazines and general interest photography stories.

Black Star Rising
is for you photojournalism junkies. Articles on newspaper photography, war photojournalism and documentary photography. A lot of the information is very relevant for travel photography.

A Photo Editor is the blog of former Men's Journal photo editor Rob Haggart. It's a great insight into how photo editors see your work and pick photographers for certain jobs.

What can I say about Strobist? Just go there and have your life changed forever. You will find yourself buying lots of new equipment but it's worth it! One of my all-time favourites.

David Tejada's is a blog from a professonal photographer in the US who does a lot of industrial work. He posts great videos on how he works, including a lot of information on using small flashes.

Now Chase Jarvis is the man! Even if youdon't aspire to do big advertising shoots his blog is amazing. The videos alone are worth spending hours drooling over. He is a lot of fun, very motivated, self taught and a great inspiration.

This one's not photography related but Andrew Griffiths is a wonderful man, a good friend and his small business blog is a must-read for anyone in business for themselves, no matter what your line of work. He is an incredible mentor and one of my most inspiring friends.

I often like to pop by this one just for a few new hints. Photopreneur is aimed at people who are just starting to dip their toe into the world of professional photography. Those who want to make a bit of income from their images but aren't quite sure how to do it. It has great ideas on little ways to make money from your hobby (read:obsession!)

John Harrington's Photo Business News is the bible for everything about the business of photography. If photopreneur gives you some ideas on how to start out, John shows you how not to go bankrupt in the first year!

Magnum blog. Need I say more? The best documentary photography from the best photographers in the world. Priceless.

And one of those Magnum dudes is the inimitable David Alan Harvey whose road trip blog is full of rich musings on photography and life.

So those are my blogs. I have them all in my Google Reader and I spend the first half hour of every day having a read. Not everyone posts every day but when they do I have an information-packed start to the morning!

As for websites, the first place I head to to find out when Canon is finally going to release the new 5D is dpreview, once I've discovered that it ain't yet I head across to the Luminous Landscape to see what beautiful pictures Michael Reichmann has been taking.

For inspiration I head across to Bob Krist. He is my all-time favourite travel photographer. And for the God of all things documentary photography head to Steve McCurry's page. I have everything he's ever published and love it.

Well I hope you enjoy reading some of these blogs and websites over the weekend. You'll also notice I've added a slideshow just to the right hand side above my intro. All the pictures I've ever posted here will cruise by.

I'm off to the Tropical Writer's Festival tomorrow to sit on a discussion panel about freelance journalism so for those of you in town feel free to drop by the Pier Marketplace from 12.30 till 1.30pm. It's totally free and no bookings are necessary.

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