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Monday, October 27, 2008

Waiting, waiting, waiting...

This is one of those situations where I already had the image in my head and just had to wait a little while for it to happen in reality.

This combines a few of the things we've been talking about over the last few weeks. The first is to always look back. This scene was behind me and I wouldn't have noticed how amazing it was if I hadn't bothered to turn around every so often while trudging along the path.

When I did turn around this view took my breath away. As anybody who's been up high in the Himalayas will tell you, everything about it takes your breath away.

What it was about this scene that really inspired me was the way this path was so close to the edge of a huge cliff, with the towering mountains in the background. I firstly chose the telephoto lens to compress the perspective and have the background mountains appear nice and big and close.

Once I had my composition all sorted out I just had to wait for somebody to walk around the corner. I know it's hard to sit in one place and wait for any length of time when you're with other people. I've lost a fair few shots because I just couldn't sit around and wait for a good shot to present itself but if you can increase the number of times you wait for something special to happen you'll increase the number of memorable shots you come back with.

Put your finger over the man in the picture and see how boring it is without him in it. Anyway, as luck would happen, he actually walked along a few minutes after I turned around. To tell you the truth I have no idea if he noticed me standing there with a long lens on but he stopped right in the perfect place and posed brilliantly. Luck or a willing participant? I'm not sure but if I hadn't waited around to find out I never would have got the shot.

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