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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Even gorgeous beaches can use some people

Here's another example of waiting for a model. I was photographing this iconic north Queensland scene at Four Mile Beach in Port Douglas.

What makes it a north Queensland beach? Surely not the bright yellow surf lifesaving surfski. They can be found all over Australia.

No the hint is the bottles of vinegar sitting next to them. They immediately scream - jellyfish! We get lots of jellyfish in the water during summer and the vinegar is there to take away some of the effect of the sting before you get rushed to hospital.

But that's a topic for another day. As I was photographing this gorgeous scene I noticed behind me a little boy on what appeared to be a brand new bike and helmet. He was just walking with his family but you could tell he was dying to go for a spin. I couldn't photograph him where he was because the sun was coming from right behind him so I had to wait and hope.

And sure he enough he rode up the beach towards me and did a big loop around the surfski. I was already in position before he was even half way towards me, looking through the viewfinder and hoping. Snap went the shutter and he went back to his family and decided he'd had enough riding for one day. One shot was all I got but it was the one I wanted.

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