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Monday, January 19, 2009

Monday's link

The biggest thing in the world of photography right now is off-camera small flashes. Taking those small flashes that usually live in the hot shoe on top of your camera and using them wirelessly.

Put the flash wherever you want and have the camera fire it! I used this technique to photograph butterfly researcher Darrell Kemp at work.

Presented with a boring old room with equally boring fluorescent lighting I decided to take a small flash and put a piece of orange cellophane in front of it and move it a couple of feet to the left of the camera.

I then put a snoot on it to focus the light on Darrell's face and create the shadow, while dialling down the ambient to make it nice and dark.

All sound like gobbledygook? Don't worry it did to me too at the start but now I love it! To get started in this amazing world head over to Strobist and check out the Lighting 101 tips. Just a word of warning - it's addictive and I take no responsibility if you spend hours on this site!

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