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Friday, April 24, 2009

Live View can save you from wetting your pants!

Now I think I've just about exhausted the things Live View can do for you but I've got just a couple of more little tidbits.

Travel photography is a dirty, wet business. If you're not up to your ankles in mud you're up to your crotch in water. At least if you want to get a nice low angle you are. If you're happy to take all your photos at head height then you're probably nice and dry. :)

Now the problem with taking photos of creeks is that to get the best angle you're probably going to have to stand right in the middle of them.

And if you're using a wide-angle lens you want to ensure you have a foreground, middle ground and background to ensure you have that great 3-D effect.

Which means that you're going to want to get down nice and low to the water. Which also means that you're going to end up with wet pants as you stick your head down to look through the viewfinder. I've tried lots of different ways to avoid it but no matter how I work it I always come away with a nice photo but look like I've just had an accident of the most embarrassing kind.

Live View to the rescue! With the latest LCD screens we now have the ability to see the screen from a whole heap of different angles. No longer do we have to be directly behind the camera. We can see the screen from above, below, and off to the side. I've seen articles extolling the benefits of putting the camera up above your head and using the LCD to compose the shot.

I wasn't anywhere near as excited about being able to do that as I was being able to avoid wet underpants! Now I can stick my camera on a tripod placed a couple of inches above the water (and my ankles) and not have to lie down precariously to see what the shot looks like. I just flick on the screen and see my composition from near head height. Brilliant. Is there anything this little gadget can't do apart from tell me what to take photos of? My pants thank you. Have a great weekend.

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