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Monday, June 15, 2009

Monday's Link

For those of us who grew up before IPhones, the internet and Satellite TV, we learnt about the world from the wonderful magazines that shaped our worlds. For me personally one magazine that had a profound influence on the way I viewed photography, and learnt about its masters was LIFE magazine. I'm not sure how many times it folded before re-surfacing but I seem to recall being disappointed when it disappeared, then ecstatic when it came back again. One of the all-time greats Joe McNally was one of their final staff photographers.

Anyway if you'd like to reminisce about some of the great images that LIFE published over the years, or perhaps even see them for the first time then head on over here where the entire archive is online for the whole world to see. What an amazing treasure trove of pictures. Don't blame me if you don't re-surface for a few days. :)

And tune in tomorrow where we'll continue our series on lenses and talk a little bit about telephotos.

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