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Sunday, August 9, 2009

Monday's Link

Travel photography is pretty much just one step away from documentary photojournalism. For the most part we work with natural light, wait for the scene to play out in front of us and love to tell good stories visually, The main difference I see is that we tend to concentrate on the happy, feel- good stuff as opposed to issues that call people to action or indignation.

But one thing we have in common with our photojournalist brothers and sisters is the fact that the markets that publish our work are rapidly changing. And if we want to survive we have to learn to be little chameleons and change with our clients.

In that light I want to point you to an interview with the wonderful humanitarian photographer Reza who has an incredible insight into how Multimedia will change the way we present our images. Entitled Photojournalism in the age of YouTube it's not just relevant to those of us who make a living in this crazy game, but for all of us who are looking at different ways of telling our travel stories.

I must admit that I'm a die-hard photo lover and aren't really enamoured with the idea of shooting video. But mixing sound with still-images is something that I think is really appealing. If you have a scroll down this page you'll find links to the websites of travel photography colleagues such as Bob Krist, David deChemin, Matt Brandon and Gavin Gough. All of them have some wonderful examples of multimedia slideshows on their sites and I would definitely encourage you to pop along and have a look.

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