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Sunday, August 2, 2009

Monday's Links

First up here's a great link for some tips on how to take great photographs, as well as various tips on running a photography business. It's presented by the people at Photoshelter and there's a lot of really great information here.

Next up the famous nature and wildlife photographer Art Wolfe has a great piece in Outdoor Photographer magazine about selling your images. In this day and age when many of the big agencies aren't taking on new photographers it can be confusing as to where the best place to put your images are. According to Art it's to sell them yourself.

For those of you who grew up shooting film Kodak has a great tribute to its recently retired slide film Kodachrome 64. There's an interview with my all-time hero Steve McCurry who shot the Afghan girl on Kodachrome 64. It was my first slide film and a firm favourite for many years. In fact I loved it so much I carried 145 rolls of it through Africa!

And for those of you who have ever thought about turning your hand to writing a few stories to go along with your travel photos David Farley has some great tips on how to write a really bad travel story!

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