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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Hiding things in your pictures

One way to keep the viewers of your photos interested is to hide things within the frame that they might not notice on a quick glance.

The eye automatically looks to the lightest part of the frame first - in this case the sky. So the first thing you notice is a hot air balloon flying over the Serengeti National Park in Tanzania.

What else can you see? A few camelthorn acacia trees and, wait a minute, there's something hiding there amongst the trees.

A giraffe? Now this is how the transparency looked straight out of the camera. To emphasise the giraffe more it would be quite easy to go into Photoshop and lighten up the animal's body and head to help it stand out a bit more against the dark green foliage.

In this case, however, I decided to leave it how it is just so that the picture take on a bit more depth when you look closer. Of course it's a bit hard to tell from such a small thumbnail. You can see a larger picture here. What do you think? Should I lighten the giraffe and make it easier to see or leave it how it is? I'm of two minds but quite like the fact that it's a little bit hidden.


Andrew McGrail said...

The first thing that took my attention was the colour balance, but the linky picture is vastly better.

Does your Blog present a different colourspace?

Paul Dymond said...

Hi Andrew,

yeah not quite sure what's going on there. Both thumbnails are taken from exactly the same image so not sure why the Blogger one looks funky but the Alamy one doesn't.

The original is Adobe RGB so blogger might not have converted it to sRGB whereas Alamy may have.

That's all I can guess at at this time of the night. :)