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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

An intro and a welcome

Have Camera Will Travel - Images by Paul Dymond

Well how do I follow up from yesterday's tsunami? Seriously, thank you for all the people who passed the post on and I'm really humbled to know that it rang true with so many of you. I'm still waiting for the onslaught of people who totally disagree with what I wrote but it hasn't happened yet?

Anyway I thought the best way to follow up would be to welcome the new readers who've come back and to show you some of my work. As always you can click on the slideshow to see a full screen version. There's an embed button there if you'd like to stick it in your own blog feel free and there's an email button there if you like it enough to send it to a friend.

Feel free to wander through the site and have a look at the posts. You'll see that I don't always post about the business of travel photography but I hope you like what you find enough to stick around. And for all you regular readers out there we'll return to normal (well as normal as I am anyway!) tomorrow.


mountphoto said...

Thank you very much Paul,
It was very helpful for me to read your article. And funny!
I'm living in Bulgaria, Eastern Europe and I try to do something like "travel photographer".

All the best from me,
Vladimir Alexeev

Good Luck!

Paul Dymond said...

You're very welcome Vladimir and thank you for the nice comments. Good luck with being a travel photographer - we all deserve to follow our dreams and see where they'll lead us.