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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Some photography links to keep you happy!

I just realised that it's been a while since I forwarded on some of the great photography sites that are floating around the net. I've been tending to do it on my Twitter account but not for the blog readers. So I'm going to reach into my little jar of goodies and pull out some favourites for you.

First of all if you love the work of Steve McCurry (and there's no need to tell you how much I adore his work!) then you'll want to head over to Outdoor Photographer magazine 
for a great interview with the master himself where he talks about his technique and how interaction and appreciation for your surroundings is so much more important than equipment.

And if you'd love to find out how some pretty big companies are looking to take your photographs from you and not give you much in return - all in the name of a photo contest - then head over to Bob Krist's blog post on the work of Frommers. Seriously some companies just think they can get away with anything and rip-off photo contests are just getting more and more common.

And on the light-hearted side for the fashion-conscious photographer friend (and that would be all of us right!) there's this great collection of photography-themed t-shirts.
My wife bought me a t-shirt in Japan with an old ad for a box brownie camera on it and I get comments from keen photographers every time I put it on!

In an age where a lot of great magazines are using less and less photography (and paying less and less for it! but we won't go there) it's great to see a classy publication curated by non other than Magnum's famous photographer David Alan Harvey. Called Burn magazine it has simply some of the most fantastic photography you'll see anywhere.

Now I don't want to overload you with things to see and do but here's a small sample of what has enthralled me lately.

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