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Friday, February 18, 2011

Fantastic FNQ photo Friday

An hour or so south of Cairns takes you to the Palmerston Highway, just before Innisfail. Turn right here and as you wind your way up over the mountains you enter a world not very far in distance but a universe away in terms of scenery.

Tropical rainforests give way to bucolic dairy country and gently rolling hills. And the waterfall circuit.

A 10km dirt track leads you around three picturesque waterfalls - the most famous of them being Millaa Millaa. But for photographers I think the beautiful Ellinjaa Falls is a better option.

A short path down the hill from the car park leads you to a small stream. The water is clear and filled with tiny rocks and boulders which all make great leading lines for wide angle shots. The falls themselves are surrounded by the lush green of rainforest plants and, especially during the wet season, the waters flows in a majestic pattern down a pitch black rock face.

All wonderful subjects for landscape photographers and not as busy as Millaa Millaa. You could easily spend hours here and not run out of wonderful things to point your lenses at.


Neal said...

We spent a week in the tablelands in January camping and tripping around. Unfortunately we didn't have the time on the way home to stop in on this circuit.. but it's on the list for next time.. nice shot btw.

Paul Dymond said...

Thanks Neal, yes it really is a beautiful part of the area and one a lot of people unfortunately miss in their rush to get to the Daintree and the Great Barrier Reef. I love it up there and hop in the car and drive over the ranges whenever I get the chance.

Anonymous said...

Oh Boy, what a lovely shot of a lovely location. I have forgotten what sunshine and warmth is. It's just grey, grey, and more grey here in the UK. However there are some galant folk that still get out and try to make the best of the.........grey! Lovely blog, I shall return.

Paul Dymond said...

Thank you so much for your kind words Lynne. We certainly have the warmth but I'm afraid at this time of the year it's usually rain, rain and more rain. But that's more than made up for by the 8 months of the year of beautiful sunshine. :) Happy travels and please stop by again.