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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Photography as stress release?

This little fella is probably very lucky that I'm a photographer. If I weren't he (she?) mightn't be looking so happy.

I like birds, I really do. One of my greatest joys is sitting out on my back patio and listening to the morning serenade of hundreds of birds in the trees around my neighbourhood.

During the recent cyclone we lost our biggest tree and my back yard is nowhere near as noisy as it was even a couple of months ago.

A pity I can't say the same thing for my front yard! This lovely tree is in full bloom at the moment, right outside my bedroom window. Adorned with these beautiful yellow flowers and a (very rare) blue sky it attracts lots of birds - in particular lorikeets and these birdies here. The Noisy Friar Bird.

Apparently they get the friar part of their name from the tuft of white feathers around their neck, giving them the look of a member of the clergy. The noisy part? That comes from screaming at the top of their lungs outside my bedroom window at about 5 o'clock every single morning.

So why are these birds lucky I'm a photographer? Because if I wasn't I'd be a bird hunter for sure! I figure shooting with them with a camera is better than a BB gun. :)

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