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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

A new resource for professional photographers in the developing world

One of my all-time favourite pieces of software is Expression Media. I've blogged about it before and probably will again. Anyway I found the software through the wonderful book on Digital Asset Management by Peter Krogh. Peter has a website and a blog which you can find at The Dam Book site and on today's post he mentioned what looks to me to be a great resource.

Put together with a number of prestigious photographic bodies, including the World Press Photo people, the just-launched Shutha site has a host of really instructional videos on professional photography. As they say in their blurb, you already know how to take pictures, their site is designed to help you turn it into a profitable career you will love.

So if you're an aspiring or newly-minted professional photographer, especially if you're living in the developing world, then I would definitely recommend you pop over for a look because there is a lot of really valuable information there. Great to see somebody looking out for the rest of the world, and let's hope it helps photographers from all over the planet to show their own visions of the world around them.

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