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Friday, October 14, 2011

Fantastic FNQ photo Friday

As I look out from my back yard patio I can see my little creepy-crawly pool cleaner doing its thunka-thunka dance as it makes its way around the pool keeping it nice and clean. Heading towards summer and the rest of the nation is getting ready to head to the beach - all except for those of us here in the tropics.

Our beaches are indescribably beautiful. Pristine, tropical stretches of sand lined by picturesque palm trees and crystal clear blue waters filled (during the summer months) with deadly jellyfish and the odd crocodile! The Chinese may have their water torture but this is ours. You can look but not touch.

Only during the summer months mind you. With a balmy winter we all head to the beach while the rest of the country is freezing their bums off in sleet and snow. And in the summer? We all head for the swimming pools, freshwater creeks and croc-free lakes.

Sure we have stinger nets designed to keep the bigger jellyfish out. Last summer a woman at one of our local beaches shared her early morning dip in the nets with a crocodile! I'll stick to the pool and the creek during summer and leave my beach trips to the winter thank you very much.

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