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Friday, January 27, 2012

Fantastic FNQ photo Friday

One of the great joys of living in far north Queensland is the wildlife.

Not only the wildlife found in the bush mind you, but that which lives all around the house.

It's the time of year where the green tree frogs keep you awake at night.

They climb up on the kitchen window to catch insects attracted to the light.

They get into your toilet and give you a heart attack when you lift the lid!

And they help the postman deliver the mail. This fella may look like he's sitting on the edge of a leaf but it's actually my mail box.

My boys were never so keen to go get the mail for me (even in the rain!) as when this little fella decided to take up residence. So whether you live here or are just visiting, keep an eye out for these cute little frogs around your property. And maybe bring a set of earplugs for a good night's sleep!

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ewster said...

I love the tree frogs!

Paul Dymond said...

Well there's a few around so hopefully you'll see some while you're up here!