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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Okinawa Dreaming

Those who know me well will tell you - I'm no trendsetter! I like to think I'm pretty stylish in my red Converse and jeans but I'm certainly not on the cutting edge of fashion. I leave the really trendy clothes to my two boys - Mirai and Keyra - here seen in traditional Okinawan dress on our recent trip.

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But there's one trend I seem to be on the crest of - quite by accident but welcome nonetheless. As you all know I recently came back from a week in Okinawa with my family. The weather was crap. No sun, cold as hell, windy and rainy to boot. Which meant that we spent a lot of our time indoors exploring the great attractions found on the main island of Okinawa.

Places like the Churaumi Aquarium, the Ryukyu Mura (Village), and the huge caves at Okinawa World. Well it seems that both Jetstar Japan and Air Asia are going to start flying to Okinawa in a couple of months and both managed to find me. One was through a Google search and the other a recommendation from a travel writer friend. Oh and they're both starting to fly to Sapporo at the same time - another area that I've been photographing for years.

So it finally seems that I'm in the prime position to be a trendsetter with my photography! But it still means I have to turn the Jimi Hendrix up full bore when Mirai starts playing One Direction.

Click on the link to find some of my photographs from Okinawa.


Anonymous said...

I used to live in Okinawa when I was younger (5 years ago)(military family). I love this place. My favorite place was along Sunset Beach during the night because there all sorts of food carts with delicious foods. The aquarium there is the best as well!

Paul Dymond said...

Thanks for that Grasshopper, it really is a beautiful place. Very different to other parts of Japan I've been to. I hope you get back there some day.