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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

People with a difference

Yesterday I showed you a picture where it was obviously a perfect situation for a silhouette. There was a very bright mountain in the background. Here's one that's maybe not so obvious. The ground is bright, but not so bright that you would think of it as a background for a silhouette.

But it works perfectly well as a background because the late afternoon sun is providing such great shadows. This was one of those grab shots that I just saw and had to take it. I was climbing Mt Kilimanjaro with my three good friends Wolfram, Kristof and Mark. We were taking a break and I had stuck my walking stick in the ground while we chatted.

I looked down and there were the four of us all lined up by the sun. If I'd been really tricky I would have held the camera down at my waist so you couldn't tell which one was me, but alas I'm not that clever so it's pretty obvious where I am.

The stick is a very important part of the story. Before we set off to climb the mountain we were given the sticks by an elderly lady who lived at the base of the mountain and traditionally said her goodbyes to people before they went up. So it was important to have in the frame. To get both the stick and our silhouettes in I used a wide-angle. There's a small depth of field to have everything in focus and voila you have people with a difference.

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