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Thursday, September 4, 2008

New group on Flickr!

I'm pretty excited about this! Ever since I started the blog I have really enjoyed writing about travel and photography, and I've also really enjoyed the emails and comments that I've received (all except those dodgy ones from the Philippines!).

But it's been a bit one-sided. There's a little over 1000 of you reading the blog on a regular basis but I don't really know any of you and don't get to see your photography. So I decided to create a place where we could all get to know each other outside of the blog.

So I put together a little group on Flickr where everybody can post their own photos, ask questions and just generally get to know who else is in the group.

I imagine it's going to take a little while to get some momentum going but I would really appreciate it, if you like the blog, head on over and sign up and get involved. My dream is to make this a worldwide community of people who just love travel photography.

See you on Flickr!

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