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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Subject List

Hi there everybody,

I was having a skim through all the posts I've made over the last few months and realised that there was no real way for you guys and girls to go back and find your favourite posts. Sure there's the Search function but it's a bit clumsy.

So I've added a list of all the keywords I have used in my posts. So if you remember reading a post on the Taj Mahal just click on Taj Mahal and all the posts that mention it will come up.

Going through the keywords I noticed there were a few redundancies so hopefully I've got rid of most of them. So have a browse through and maybe find a few posts you didn't read, or re-read a few you enjoyed.

Just scroll down and the keywords come up on the right hand side. Oh and there's another post from today just under this one so don't stop reading yet!



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