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Monday, January 5, 2009

Happy New Year!

I hope you all had a great festive season and a chance to relax with family and friends. I managed to have some time away from both the lens and computer screen and now I'm looking forward to gettng back to another year of sharing and talking about travel photography with you all.

This year I'm going to post a link every Monday to some great resources I think you might all be interested in. They'll range from the websites of photographers I really admire to sites teaching photography, Photoshop tricks. The whole gamut of stuff that relates to photography.

To kick off the year I want to introduce you to one of my addictions. I think most people with any creative bones whatsoever are drawn to a multitude of art forms. Obviously I love photography but my other big passion is music. I play a lousy jazz guitar but I can listen to the best of them.

I live for my MP3 player. I have my entire CD collection on it and it ranges from everything from The Doors to the Village People, from Concrete Blonde to Mr. Children (Japanese Pop). But another thing it contains is my collection of Podcasts.

Now I hate to be boring here but all my podcasts are interviews with photographers I admire. And the place I get most of them from is The Candid Frame. Run by famous photographer Ibarionex Perello, the blurb reads "A photography podcast where you meet some of the world's best established and emerging photographers in the world of photojournalism, fashion, landscape, documentary, sports, wildlife, travel and commercial photography."

Think people like Moose Peterson, Jim Zuckerman, Reza, Rick Sammon, Rick Smolan, Brenda Tharp. You name it they've probably been interviewed.

So to kick off 2009 head over to the Candid Frame and download some really great interviews.

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