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Friday, December 11, 2009

Fantastic FNQ photo Friday

If you want to go from Cairns up to the southern Atherton Tablelands - home to great attractions such as Yungaburra, Herberton, the volcanic crater lakes of Barrine and Eacham - you'll most likely go up the Gillies Highway.

A twisting, turning road that leaves even those with the sturdiest stomach feeling queasy. You have to keep your eye on the road lest you drive off and fall off a mighty big cliff.

And then a giant tree frog stops you in your tracks. As you can see this thing is about the size of a small car and painted beautifully on a roadside boulder, with a crack in the rock forming its mouth. I have no idea who painted it but it's been there for years and my boys are always craning their necks to keep an eye out for it. Just goes to show you that art doesn't have to make you money or famous. Sometimes it's just for pleasure.

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