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Friday, January 15, 2010

Fantastic FNQ photo Friday

Welcome to the first Fantastic FNQ photo Friday for 2010. For those of you who don't know FNQ stands for Far North Queensland - an area at the very top of Australia which I call home and spend a lot of time photographing.

It extends roughly from Townsville in the south all the way to the tip of Cape York at the very northern end of the country.

One of the most beautiful parts of FNQ is the amazing Daintree National Park. A world-heritage listed tropical rainforest it truly is an incredible place.

One of the hardest things about photographing rainforests though is the mono-tones. It's all green! Luscious, beautiful green to be sure but all the one colour.

To break it up so that it looks appealing photographically we often try to break it up by creating images around rivers and waterfalls. Another option is to get up above the forest at the amazing Daintree Discovery Centre. This is an amazing interpretive centre which has a boardwalk through the tops of the trees as well as a tower that goes even higher.

Yesterday's post was all about getting your camera into unusual positions - well there's no position more unusual in the Daintree than this. And just as a disclaimer here folks I have no affiliation with the centre, they don't even know about me I'm sure. I'm just telling like it is - definitely worth a visit and fantastic photography to be had.

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LTK said...

Beautiful image! I never thought of Australia as being lush and green. Daintree is another destination on my list. Thanks for the insight.