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Friday, April 8, 2011

Fantastic FNQ photo Friday

You can tell I'm over the wet season, and the stingers! I'm ready to hit the beach. How appealing is this?

To enjoy the same relaxing dip you'll have to take a short plane flight from Cairns over to stunning Lizard Island. I was on assignment there for Destinasian magazine.

It was a pretty short trip to get images to accompany an article on the island and it was all shot on print film. Yep I still have my film cameras - both 35mm and Mamiya Medium Format. And believe it or not this is the only client that I use them for, but that alone is worth keeping them around for.

The shoot was mostly interiors of the room and close-up shots of various decorative elements - a la Vogue Travel - but on the morning before I was due to fly out I managed to go for a walk up to a bluff overlooking the coast.

And what a spectacular view it was. It's really hard to appreciate the beauty of ocean like this unless you can get up above it. I had actually put Fuji Velvia in the camera that morning because I always take some slide film along with me whenever I'm shooting a film job. It's always nice walking toward the future, but sometimes it can feel really comfortable just to slip back into the past for a bit.

Lizard Island has an amazing resort which I would thoroughly recommend but if it's a bit out of your price range there's also a National Parks campsite on the island. Only problem is that you have to take in all your supplies with you because there are no facilities whatsoever. But if it's adventure on a pristine tropical island you want this is where you'll get it. Oh and keep an eye out for the giant Monitor Lizards - they're the reason the island got its name in the first place!


Neal said...

Hey Paul.

Great shot.
Was it shot on velvia or on print film?

Have you tried the new Kodak Portra films? they are based on the Vision motion picture stocks are pretty awesome!

Paul Dymond said...

Thanks Neal,

this was shot on the (former) love of my life - Fuji Velvia. Man I loved that film.

I haven't tried the new Portra films. TO tell you the truth I just hardly shoot film at all any more, and I was always a trannie guy. I only ever shoot print film for that one client but next time they come calling I will definitely keep the Kodak in mind. It sounds lovely.