Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year!

Hi there blog readers,

sorry about the lack of posts in the last couple of weeks but Christmas and New Years are pretty frantic times of the year here in the Dymond household - as I'm sure it is for many of you with families.

Anyway Santa was pretty good to us all this year and there was an overwhelming theme to the goodies - technology!

The boys ended up with Tamagotchis (yes they still exist and now they're colour!), MP3 players and Nintendo Wiis. I ended up with a new iPod Touch. So we're all leaping headlong into more and more technology.

Playing the Wii (or at least pretending to while my 6 year old kicks my arse!) a parallel with photography came to mind. Any of us with a few dollars in the bank can afford to buy the technology, but just possessing the gadgets doesn't mean that we're any good at it.

So my resolution this year as far as photography goes is to appreciate how the technology makes things easier, but realise at the same time that it doesn't make me a better photographer.

Improving our photography requires dedication to the craft and vision of what we do. Focussing on how we see the world and the stories we want to tell. And to do that we don't need 50 frames per second, 36 bit Raw files or 100 GB or Ram. We need an eye, a yearning to be better and a curiosity about this fantastic planet we live on and all the interesting stories it has to tell.

In a couple of days I'm flying down south for the funeral of my grandmother. It reminds me that we don't have an eternal life to get things right. We only get a yet-to-be-determined amount of time. Let's not waste it by pixel peeping ISO 6400 images at 100% looking for noise.

Let's get out and explore the world around us. Meet interesting people. Rejoice in nature. Enjoy as many sunrises as possible - OK maybe sunsets then. Let the technology geeks iron out the bugs for us and let's concentrate on a great 2010 and making great travel photography images.