Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year!

Wherever you are in the world I hope you had a fantastic New Year's Eve and that your 2012 will be absolutely wonderful. What do I have planned? More photography work that I absolutely love!

I'll be honest, last year was a big challenge for me. It was my fourth year as a stay-at-home Dad and all the fun and enjoyment that entails. It was also the first year my youngest son went to school, which suddenly left me with week days between the hours of 9 and 3 to myself. I envisioned myself getting back into work full-time but life is never what we plan. Instead I found myself trying to determine exactly what kind of photography work I can do in these limited hours, and discovered that it doesn't look anything like what I imagined, or what my previous decade in the industry had me doing.

So this year will be all about trying new things, mixing it up and gradually transitioning my business away from the spend a lot of time overseas pattern that I've known up till know. I want to photograph far North Queensland in-depth. I want to photograph interesting people and their stories. I want to work on finding my voice and my niche in a city which has more 'professional' photographer than you can poke a stick at!

Last year I ran a private photography tutorial or two and I'd like to continue doing that. I really enjoy teaching, and if the feedback is to be believed, I'm pretty good at taking complicated concepts and putting them into layman's terms. I'd also like to run a few more courses - maybe even organise a day trip or two. Most of all I want to focus on my core competencies. The stuff wild horses couldn't drag me away from. I have stuff that I'm really good at and stuff that I'm not so hot at. I want to pass the not-so-hot stuff on to colleagues and concentrate on hitting every assignment out of the park.

What about the blog? Well I'm going to try and post more regularly but it will still be my usual rants on the state of the industry, the spiritual side of this amazingly creative profession and lots of pictures from my travels around the local area and the world. I'm thinking of making things longer. No more of these short posts that are nice to look at but ultimately don't cause you to think too much. I want to spark some conversations, some thoughts and hopefully help launch some creative dreams.

So as we go forward into 2012 I wish all of you a fantastic twelve months and hope that all your wildest fantasies come true (just don't tell me about the ones involving animals!).I hope you'll join me every so often to keep up with what's happening in my world, and come and follow me over on my Facebook Page - see the link on the right.