Friday, January 13, 2012

Why I want to be around creatives.

As we start a new year there's a lot of optimism floating around. People all over the world always consider this a great time to re-evaluate their lives, make promises to themselves that they may or may not keep, and generally start off 2012 with a wave of enthusiasm.

I love being surrounded by creatives because they keep that feeling of optimism throughout the year. They don't need a date on the calendar to fire up their enthusiasm, it seems to pervade their every waking moment. And I think I know why. It's because they have dreams. Not regular I'd like to pay my house mortage off kind of dreams, but huge, life altering dreams.

Of course one dream that they all have involves the crazy notion that they can build a career and business out of what they are passionate about. When I first decided I wanted to be a travel photographer it never occurred to me that it was a crazy thing to do. I didn't personally know anybody who'd done it, but there were obviously people who were doing it. Ergo it must be doable.

Whether I had succeeded or not i think the most important thing was having the dream. Having a lofty goal that spurs you on, fuels your enthusiasm and ignites your passion. There are so many people in the world who have no goals outside of their immediate vicinity. They want to pay off their houses, get a new boat to go fishing in, take a month's holiday every year. Nothing wrong with that at all, just not inpiring enough for me.

I want to be surrounded by people who have dreams that seem impossible. Dreams that seem as crazy as trying to grab the stars in your hands. People who want to change the world, not just their own situations. And that's why I love being surrounded by photographers, writers and other creatives. The people who remind me that you don't need January the 1st to put crazy ideas into motion. You can do it any day of the year and ideally should be doing it every day of the year. Dream big, dare to fail. Go for it. The dreaming is more important than the result. Without the dream you may as well just resign yourself to a life of mediocrity and who wants that? Not me.