Friday, March 25, 2011

Fantastic FNQ photo Friday

I couldn't resist posting this image today because that's what it looks like around here at the moment!

All those months of tropical downpours seem like a bad dream on days like today when the sun is shining, the ocean is crystal clear and calm and it doesn't get any better than Cairns.

This was taken just slightly north of town at a little beach known as Ellis. Home to a cafe and caravan park there's not much here but miles and miles of beautiful sand and water, and a lot of mango trees that drop fruit galore in the season.

It's probably one of my favourite beaches to visit because there's hardly ever anyone there. You can usually find a whole stretch all to yourself. Unfortunately the stingers are still out so it's not quite swimmer-ready yet but give it another little while and the lifesavers will give us the all clear and then look out beach, here we come.

So if you're sitting in your cold, drab office today I hope this picture gives you a spark of inspiration about where to plan your next holiday. You could certainly do a hell of a lot worse than this place!