Friday, December 3, 2010

Fantastic FNQ photo Friday

It's looking like being a big, big wet season this year in far north Queensland. The forecasters are predicting up to 6 cyclones to cross the coast.

That will mean lots of rain and lots of flooding. Hopefully it won't affect too many houses, but at the same time hopefully it will produce some wonderful photo opportunities.

This photo was taken during one such flooding. I went out into the pouring rain and stood on top of an overpass, which looked down onto a small road which was pretty much underwater.

I was waiting and watching as cars tried to make their way through the floodwaters when all of a sudden a couple of kids on bikes rode out from underneath the bridge I was standing on.

I sent a little prayer up to the god of photography for them to go somewhere near the bike track sign and sure enough she must have heard me. Things like this you can't really plan for - you just have to be out and about with your camera. Even when the weather is foul and everybody else is cowering indoors. Especially during those times.

In a world saturated with images making yours stand out will often come down to putting yourself in front of photographic subjects that other people ignore. Showing the world in a way most people wouldn't think of. Getting out in the pouring rain when every fibre in your body says to stay indoors and watch the Plasma TV.

Sorry about the long space between posts. I have been busy re-evaluating my photography. After being a full-time Dad to my two little boys for the last three years, as of January 24th next year my youngest will start school. That means I'll have from 9 till 3 five days a week to photograph again. I won't be doing much travel stuff that's for sure (unless someone can lend me a teleporter to get me to Tibet and back in a couple of hours!) so I've been searching my soul to try and come up with some subjects that I'd be interested in photographing. Stay tuned for more about that journey!