Monday, May 3, 2010

I"m back - in body if not in spirit.

I think my eldest son is going to be a chip off the old block. He bawled his eyes out when we came back from our month in Japan a few days ago and hasn't really stopped since.

I can remember feeling the same way when I was a kid and my holidays were cut oh so short. At the age of 6 he's already been on more planes than I had by the time I was 21 so he's got a good head start.

With both my kids being bilingual they feel just as home in Cairns as they do in Sapporo. I think they could find their way around Disneyland and Disney Sea with their eyes closed. As a parent it makes me really proud to have two little boys that are so comfortable in two cultures. As a self-confessed travel addict it makes me proud as punch to have two sons who love travelling as much as I do.

This is my youngest in the gardens of Narita-san temple in Narita. Right near the international airport it's a great place to go if you've got a night on a stopover through to somewhere else. The cherry blossoms were out and the carp were looking pretty colourful, as you can see.

I'm slowly getting back into the groove with a pile of things on my desk that need attending to and a pile of images to process. This was more of a family holiday than anything but I did manage to photograph a professional baseball match (go Fighters!) as well as Japan's largest flea market! So I'll have some images to post over the coming days and weeks.

In the meantime apologies for the month's break from blogging but even those of us who love our jobs have to take a complete break every so often! :) Even if coming back from that break leaves you crying like a baby.