Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Must read article on a career in travel photography

Today I'd like to send you to another blog. Not that I don't like you having you on my blog mind you. It's just that my good friend and wonderful travel photographer Ewen Bell has posted a great piece entitled Five Philosophies for a Photographic Career.

In this day of unbelievably high ISOs, massive amounts of Megapixels and more video options than you can poke a stick at, it often seems that a prerequisite for working in this field is having the latest and greatest equipment.

It's just not true and Ewen really tells it like it is. Here's a quick excerpt:

'Travel is ultimately about people, so your relationship with people is the key ingredient to your photography. Anything less is a compromise. And it's not just respect for the people you photograph, it's everybody else too. Humanity is all around you, but it's also within you - unless you honor the humanity within you're just a lump on a rock instead of human on our planet. Everybody you meet deserves respect, from the security guards at a temple, girls working at a coffee shop, the van driver who gets you to the shoot, and even those annoying tuk tuk drivers who try to cheat unwitting travellers.'

Couldn't have said it better myself! There's a lot more great information on the Photography for Travellers site so I would really encourage you to dive in and have a look around. I've known Ewen for many years and he is a man of great integrity and a good friend who, fortunately for him, takes a pretty awesome picture,as you can see above. Highly Recommended.